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Monday, December 21, 2009

Its Proven! Our Baby Can Really Read!

Hi All,

I would like to share a video of my lovely Little Einstein.. :) - Rania Qarissa. She is 17 months old and show tremendous development since day 1! It's proven! Our baby can really read! With proper guidance & precious time we spent with them, they will definitely become "genius" in their own way!

I hope with this video, all my friends out there will be more eager & excited to teach & spent more quality times with their babies. 10 minutes a day will make a big difference guys!!

The most precious moment i spent with my Little Einstein...!
My Little Einstein read the word - GOGO, A shop, fish, shake, kick & Arms Up..:)

*feel free to contact me, Watie @ 016-2033340 for appointment & consultation on early education*

Proud With My Little Einstein,


Rozy said...

You're so determined, how I wish I can be like you.

MamaAdwanEncem said...

hmmm... watie, camne ek nak kasi anak tumpu perhatian time kita read kat dia.. adwan bila i bacakan dia buku sekejap je perhatian dia kasi, pastu dh nak pegang sendiri, selak page sendiri... huhuhuuuuuu....

Watie Aziz said...


tq so much dear ..i believe all babies pun can be like that .. u pun can be like me lah .. (i biasa2 jer lagi pun, hahaha..bukan best sgt pon..wkaaka) .. when we;re happy to do it ..semua jadi senang kot ..:)

Watie Aziz said...

mama Adwan,
dont worry dear, baby sumtimes memang suka cam tuh..i rasa they want to be dominan, they feel like "boss" bila dapat pegang & selak buku sendiri ..u shud be happy to see that sebab tu menunjukkan dia ada minat .. i love to see tiny little fingers selak2 buku .. Q pun suka buat cam tu .. sumtimes i galakkan dia suruh bukak ke next page ..

sometimes Q akan bukak page yg 3 -4 ms dr ms yg i tgh bacakan.i ikut jer rentak dia .. bila dia bukak page baru, i will still pointing to the words & read for her .. then i tunjukkan picture & repeat the words yg i dah bacakan tadi ..:)

let say dia kategori "melampau" kan, what u can do is that - jauhkan buku dari dia, angkat tinggi sket, and start reading & pointing again.. dia akan mendongak utk tgk buku tuh .. ada 2 kemungkinan, dia still rampas atau dia akan keep on looking.. :)

and to make him focus, maybe u boleh attract dia dengan suara-suara yg funny dan intonasi yg berubah-rubah masa bacakan buku utk dia .. tgk feedback dia camner :) so far bila i buat dgn Q macam tuh .. dia akan suka and keep on looking & eager to read more.. dia duduk diam2 and listen sambil tgk the book.. :)