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Friday, January 8, 2010

Video 3 - 9 New Words From Qarissa Einstein..

Video ni aku rakamkan end of last week. Tapi lambat sket upload ke You Tube... tapi punya semangat dah masukkan kat Facebook. Hhehehe.. Facebook tak tersekat2 kalau tgk..syok jer, tapi You Tube ni asyik tersengguk-sengguk...upload pun leh tahan lama .. hehehe..

This time, words yang Q sebut - KEY, CHICKS, BEE, IN FEET, PIG, NOSE, LION & SHOE...:)

Yang poyonya tuh, siap silang kaki hokay ...happy naa lah konon ...rilek2 sambil main2 ngan Mummy ... Memang penat sebenarnya time tuh, coz we all baru balik dari melalui hari yang panjang ..whole day keluar rumah, sampai pun dah malam .. tapi sebab Q macam excited, aku pun buatlah jugak reading session tuh, sempat jugak suruh hubby captured the moment senyap2, kebetulan camera ada atas meja, hubby as usual duk belakang kerusi takmo Q nampak... heheh.. habis reading session, hubby ke depan, Q nampak je kamera...hmm..selamat lah .. terus nak turun rampas kamera! Hahhaha..

Smart Qarissa with Mummy!

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Indoor Activities For 4 Year Old Kids

Good Information From The Net That I Would Like To Share With Uols..:)

Whether it's raining, snowing, or you just feel like spending the day indoors, sometimes you will need to come up with indoor activities to keep a restless four-year-old busy. Four is a fun age, and there are a lot of things that you can do in your home to keep your four-year-old occupied and happy.

1. Make a board game, and then play it! Rather than reaching for the same old board games, have fun creating your own game. Use construction paper, poster board, a piece of cardboard, or anything else available and let your child help you invent a board game. Decorate and cut out game pieces, and then enjoy some quality time while you play your game.

2. Have a scavenger hunt. Hide some items around your house, and have your four-year-old find them. Most children this age love a good mystery, and a day spent indoors is the perfect time to create a mystery for your preschooler to solve.

3. Have a photo shoot. Using either a digital camera (if you trust your four-year-old with your camera), or a one-time use camera, let your child play photographer. Let your child pose stuffed animals, or family members, and photograph them.

4. Watch family videos. You have hours of video footage from your child's baby years, so why not make good use of it? A child this age will probably get a big kick out of seeing himself as a baby. This is a great way to pass the time on a lazy day spent indoors, and you get to bond with your child in the process.

5. Make a playlist. Go through your CDs and find kid-friendly songs that your four-year-old might enjoy. Listen to them, dance to them, and make your child their very own playlist on the computer with their favorite songs.

6. Write a book. Imaginative play is lots of fun at four, and kids can come up with good stories at this age. Let your four-year-old make up a story as you write it down. Let your child go back and illustrate the pages, and then bind the book with ribbon or string.

7. Cook something. Most kids love helping in the kitchen at this age. For an entertaining indoor activity, decide on a recipe and let your four-year-old help with the kid-safe parts of the job.

8. Make a tent or fort. Few of us went through childhood without making a fort or tent with our bed sheets. Grab all of the sheets that you can find, and start making your own little hideouts. Add a couple of flashlights, and you and your
occupied and happy.

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