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Monday, August 31, 2009

Activities With Your 1 Year Old..

Hi All, lama betul rasanya aku tak update blog GBOB ni, bukannya sengaja, banyak aku nak share dengan uols, tapi keadaan sekarang tak begitu mengizinkan..Hhehhe.. Rindu betul rasanya nak menulis dan berkongsi idea dengan semua, Insya Allah, aku akan cuba gagahkan diri untuk menulis selagi terdaya. Lately Qarissa suka buat perangai, terlebih manja dan nak perhatian yang maksimum, nak "bergantung" the whole nite, kadang-kadang begitu menguji kesabaran, tetapi bila melihat dia tidur di sisi dengan wajah yang mulus & suci, aku rasa sayu sangat, dan semua rasa tension dan marah dengan perlakuannya sebelum itu hilang begitu sahaja. Hmmm.. begitu hebat kuasa seorang anak yerk!! Hhehehe..

Oklah, memandangkan hari nih, aku tak dapat nak berkongsi idea sendiri, aku berkongsi dengan uols idea yang aku dapat hasil pembacaan di internet - http://www.associatedcontent.com/. Uols boleh buat dengan anak all this activities ok...:) Memang interesting dan menyeronokkan...Selamat bergembira ..:)


The Wonderful Ones! Find Some Activities to Try with Your One Year Old Today!

Now that your little baby is a mobile little toddler, he may need more activity during the day. You also may be looking for some things to do to bond with your toddler and watch him learn and explore! (Or maybe you've had a string of snowy or rainy days and the two of you are crawling the walls!) Not to worry, here are some activities to keep your one-year-old busy. Many of them are free or low-cost, too!

  • Storytime - Many local libraries offer story times suitable for a toddler's needs. Oftentimes these group times are free, and only a registration is required. Sometimes they are even on a drop-in basis, leaving it open to all. Do a quick search of local libraries to find events in the children's department. Also, many major booksellers offer children's story times, as well. Events are different from store to store so check with your local bookstore for details.
  • Finger-paint - Pick up some washable finger paint, squirt it onto a piece of paper and let your little one go to town. It's ok if it all turns out to be one, dark color, or even just one big mess. It will still look great hanging on your fridge! It's washable, too, and will come out of most objects and fabrics! Rolls of large paper work great for this, or even the back of wrapping paper might do the trick. Try taping the paper to the table or work surface. Looking to avoid a major clean-up? Try taping a sheet of paper to the tub wall and letting your child paint in the bathtub. When you are done, transfer the paper elsewhere, fill up the tub and rinse off!
  • PaintwithWater - Get some chunky paintbrushes from a craft or home improvement store and let your toddler dip the brush in water and paint. He can paint the sidewalk, the deck, the kitchen table, the high chair tray...you get the idea. He'll love using the brushes and getting wet.
  • Playgroundswings, slidesandbouncers - These little guys and girls are still pretty young for a lot of the playground equipment that is out there, but swings, slides, and those little animal "bouncers" (the ones that are on some type of spring, and bounce up and down or front to back) are good playground activities for a baby this age. Don't expect playground time to last all that long, but even a short trip will be fun and stimulating for your little one.
  • Have a catch - Using large balls or even cars and trucks, sit across from your child and pass the object back and forth. This also works if you stand at opposite ends of a coffee table and can be loads of fun for little one year olds.
  • Blow bubbles - This is another activity that your child may already enjoy, but now that she is mobile, can enjoy even more. Blow bubbles and show her how to catch or pop them. If you are stuck inside, try doing it in the bathtub if you are concerned about a mess. But a few bubbles inside may be worth the mess when you see how excited your little one gets!
  • Piece together some puzzles - Babies this age tend to be just about ready to tackle a puzzle. Puzzles with large pieces, pegs on each piece, and matching pictures on the puzzle board are the best kind to start with. Your baby may not know for sure how to finish a puzzle, but she may even enjoy watching you take the pieces out, and putting them back in. Even just watching you work through a puzzle will be a learning experience for them. It's ok if the pieces go mainly in the mouth for chewing. She's just trying to investigate!
  • Get Wet -If the weather is right, head outside and fill up a medium size containerwith water. The tubs that are marketed as "party tubs" are great for this purpose. Float some boats or other object in the container or just let your child splash and play.
  • Basketball - Shoot some hoops with your baby. If you don't have a kid's basketball net, don't worry. A box, bucket or laundry basket will work great! Take turns trying to get the ball into the basket. Role model this a few times and then give him a turn to try it out.
  • Anatomy lessons, baby style - Start teaching your baby different body parts. You can "identify" many parts, but it may be easier to try "teaching" her one part at a time, maybe by saying where's your tummy, and showing her tummy, even guiding her hand to touch it. After a while she'll love showing off her "tricks" and letting everyone see her nose, her head, her toes...etc.
  • Bag It - Pull out a gift bag or shopping bag with handles. Your child may act like it is the best thing he's ever seen. He can find things to fill it up with and then empty it and try something new. He may even just enjoy carrying it around the house! Just be careful if it's a bag with big handles or strings!
  • Boxes - So many times children get a new toy and we find they enjoy the toy a lot, but they enjoy the box it came in even more. Save a clean cardboard box for playtime. Even a box from a case of diapers will be great. The possibilities for this box are endless (drum, hiding place, ride, basketball, opening and closing, and so on.)
  • Dance! - Have a dance party with your little one. You'll probably enjoy the chance to move around, and you can even use your own music! To make dance time a predictable activity for him, try using the same two or three songs. That way, when the songs start, he'll know it's time to boogie! If you have an idea for the "wonderful one year olds" add it a comment below, and help us all stay active!

*feel free to contact me, Watie @ 019-2371229 for appointment & consultation on early education*

Have Fun,


farahazmin said...

ai mommy Q.. salam perkenalan... saya mmg minat sgt dgn LR tp still takut2 nk beli... yerla..harga die kn mahal... then sy minat nk tau lebih detail pasal early education ni... saya dok telok pglima garang je... :)

Watie Aziz said...

Hi farahazmin,
salam kenal, tak yah takut nak beli coz it very gud investment for ur kids...i dulu tak takut nak beli cuma cuak in terms of cc payment ..yer lah dia kan oversea nya product but thanks god ..its very smooth ... kalau ada masalah denga downloading pun, they will help us tru internet and fast also...:)

dekatlah jugak ur house & mine... heheh..kalau nak wat appnt utk jumpa,, boleh jugak...:)

farahazmin said...

leh gak wt appt ek... slalu u free time weekend or weekdays?

i dh beli mcm2 utk my bb... set grolier.. then i beli dvd ybcr n flip cared die... i think lbh krg mcm little reader tu... cuma kiter kene psg dvd nyer la... tp i ni mcm x reti nk manage benda2 ni sume... juz psg kt my bb then x tau nk wt pe dh.. huhuhu

Watie Aziz said...

Hi fara,

bila u pasang that DVD to ur baby, u join togeher ..i mean watch the DVD together, then borak-borak ngan dia ..sambil-sambil tuh peluk lah dia .. dan u try ikut apa yang DVD tu kata ..in a loud voice .. anak u akan happy sebab u pun sama2 berminat cam dia jugak ..cuba try & see the result!! :)

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